Patents for Canadians in the US, Canada and around the world.

Practical, clear, cost-effective advice.


Patent law is complex.

We make it straightforward for you.

Trust the patent agents and lawyers of miltons ip to guide you skillfully and cost-effectively to your patent goals.

We are Canadians providing the best possible patent advice for Canadians.  For instance, the vast majority of our initial patent filings are in the United States not Canada because the United States is the market that matters the most to our clients.  We are licensed to practice before the United States Patent Office (the USPTO) and act for our clients directly there.  No middleman means less better communication, better results and less expense.

Flat fees, Fair fees

The bulk of our services are provided on a ‘flat fee’ basis.
We rarely charge ‘by the hour’.  We like set budgets, agreed to in advance.
As a result, you know what our great service will cost.

Distance is never a problem.

We may be in Ottawa, but we serve great clients from across Canada and around the world.  We guarantee that distance will never be an impediment to great service, and will never cause any increase in cost.

We have particular expertise at helping our clients develop patent strategies.  This does not mean filing ‘everything everywhere’ at enormous expense.  It frequently means fewer filings at less expense, with the patents that are filed being highly focused on creating value for your business.  We are able to provide this service because of our unique combination of patent expertise and business experience.


Why are we  the right choice for you?

Our commitment to making patents straightforward for Canadians.

We know that patents are complex and ‘not cheap’.  Our plain language approach makes registering your patents  straightforward, time-efficient and cost-effective:

  • No riddles. Clear advice. We tell it like it is.
  • No novels.  Concise advice. We simplify the complex process for you.
  • No mysteries. We tell you the full story, including prices, upfront, so that you do not receive any unpleasant surprises later.

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